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October 31, 2016  •  2 Comments

Cake Central Magazine FeatureCake Central Magazine FeatureCake Central Magazine - Volume 7 Issue 4

Around three months ago I was contacted by Cake Central Magazine to see if I would be interested in designing and creating a cake inspired by the designer dress given, to be featured in their upcoming Fashion issue.  Of course I was beyond excited, it has always been my dream to have one of my designs featured in a magazine.  After reading the guidelines and requirements I went to work right away on lining up my photographer, Laurie Mitchell owner of Laurel Mitchell Photography,  to capture the beautiful cake I was about to design.  

For the design, my immediate thought when looking at the beautiful dress was a peacock, so I started from there.  I knew I wanted the cake to be at least a 4 tier cake to make sure i could get all the details to flow correctly.  In the requirements it said to use the colors, textures, designs ect to draw inspiration for your cake but not to make a cake in the form of the dress. From this I decided to make the bottom of the cake a 12" Round by 6" thick pleated to resemble the bottom of the cake.  The next tier I wanted to resemble the waist line of the dress with alot of peacock feather detail, done in gold tones with a light amount of pink, blue and grey highlighting along with a few jewels, I chose a 12" round cake and made it quit a bit thinner than the bottom layer being only 4" thick. The Third tier was a 10" round by 6" tall cake made with a larger peacock feather up each side like shown on the middle top of the dress, and finally the top of the cake i chose to go with a 6" round by 5" tall cake with a peacock feather up each side as like shown on the dress for inspiration.     I wanted to match the colors in the dress as close as possible , so i went to work with the airbrush and experimented for many hours and a few failed attempts to get the main color just right.   I spent many hours and over a week getting every detail of the cake perfect, actually down to the last second before having to leave for the photo shoot of the cake.

The day had come for the photo shoot of the cake, my mom and I loaded up and headed for The Dalles, in the Columbia River Gorge.  Laurie, the photographer had picked a beautiful outdoor location complete with a barn to photograph the cake, it was perfect, but upon arrival the wind was just to much.  So we were off again on the search for the perfect location.  Since we were in the Columbia River Gorge, where there are so many beautiful vineyards and Wineries we thought one would be the perfect place to photograph the cake.  We came across Sunshine Mill Winery in The Dalles, it had a beautiful courtyard and tons of potential for the shoot.  We called and explained to them that we were looking for a place to photograph a cake to be sent off for publication, they were more than willing to let us use their courtyard, and it turned out perfect.  We took many shots in different places around the courtyard, Laurie did an amazing job!

When the photos arrived from Laurie I was so excited, they were beautiful.  With so many different shots, I loved them all, I couldn't choose just some to send so I decided to send them all, the more the merrier right!! After submission all I could do was wait, and waiting seemed like a lifetime!  On September 16th, 2016 while at my daughters Volleyball game, I received the email that one or more of my photos were being considered for the magazine, I was estatic and almost jumped off the bleachers!  After that email I patiently waited, checking my email numerous times a day.  Yesterday, (October 30th, 2016) while on our way home from our early anniversary trip to the coast i was checking my email, and to my surprise, there it was, the email I have been dreaming of, the email telling me my cake had been featured in Cake Central Magazine, words can not even begin to explain my excitement.

Being published in one of the top cake magazines in the world, along side so many amazing cake artists, is truly a dream come true and a huge accomplishment.  Thank you to my amazing husband, kids, family and friends for helping and supporting me every step of the way to accomplish one of my dreams!



Jerry baker(non-registered)
This has been a long time coming very proud of you. Cake matches dress perfect very well done.
Susan Baker(non-registered)
This has been a long hard journey. The end result was so worth the work. So proud of you and your accomplishment. This is a beautiful cake and fit the dress perfect
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