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2017 Wedding Cake Trends

January 22, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Hello and Welcome!  In our last blog discussion we went over the process and fundamentals of picking and ordering your dream wedding cake.  Today we are going cover the hottest wedding cake trends for 2017!  So for all you lucky brides to be, maids of honor, mothers of the brides or even if your just keeping up to date on the hottest trends, sit back, grab a cup of coffee and let the discussion begin!!  

Through the traditional cutting of the wedding cake, where the Mr. and Mrs. feed each other lovingly (or smash it the others face!) still remains a time honored tradition, wedding cakes have become anything but traditional.  Now days there are no rules when it comes to wedding cakes,  its all about what the bride and groom want!   After all, its your big day, something most of you have been dreaming since you were just a little girl! 

So without further ado here is our list of the hottest wedding cake trends of 2017-


The Naked Cake

Its back!  Naked cakes have been a favorite over the past few years, for all occasions,  and for good reason!  Perfect for any style of wedding from rustic to glamorous, and everything in between.  Light buttercream, embellished with fresh flowers, or fresh fruit for a beautiful understated look.  Glam it up with a touch of gold or silver or add divine drips and edibles for a decadent feel!  The possibilities are endless! 

Vintage Naked Cake Vintage Shabby Chic Style Naked cake with fresh florals in shades of pink, yellow and green. .












Personalized Cakes 

With weddings becoming more and more personalized, this is a fast growing and popular trend These cakes are unique in design as well as a  reflection of your relationship.  Symbolize elements of your love and future marriage by adding a personalized monogram or initials to the cake itself, or as a topper.  Chalkboard cakes make great personalized cakes, perfect for vintage or rustic style weddings.   


Floral Cakes

Wow your friends and family in both look and taste with these botanical beauties!  Floral cakes in bold vibrant colors are a great way to make a statement.  Whether you prefer fresh or silk flowers, they make a beautiful accessory at a relatively low cost to your wedding cake.  Adding fresh  flowers or greens as a topper or cascading down the front can transform a simple cake into a work of art. 

Rustic bohemian Wedding Cake 3 tier textured buttercream cake with bold vibrant florals in hues of yellow, orange and purple with bright greens Rustic Bohemian Wedding Cake 3 tier textured buttercream wedding cake with florals in hues of greens, yellows, oranges and purples
















Metallic Cakes

A new favorite among wedding cakes, that fits with almost any style.  If your planning to have gold or silver make an appearance in your color scheme, then we highly suggest adding a touch of metallic.  Adding glitter, shimmer, or luster to any wedding cake to give it that extra touch of elegance.  Or for a more bold and chic look try adding some fantastic silver or gold leaf.


Geode and Marbled Cakes

These modern and classy wedding cakes are not only unique and beautiful to look at, the beauty of these are no two cakes will ever look the same.  Marbled cakes look like stone while screaming elegance.  While the more classy and colorful geode cakes , split and filled with edible mineral rock formations can reflect almost any color pallet.  Oh yes and they look amazing when combined together or with other trending themes!

Fall Geode and Floral Wedding Cake Metallic 3 tier Geode wedding cake with cascading florals in browns, reds, oranges, and greens Winter Geode and Floral Wedding Cake2 tier Winter Geode Wedding cake in Ice blue and white, featuring cascading florals, greens and snowflakes in frosted whites, glittery blues, ice blue, and greens.
















Watercolor Cakes

Beautiful yet stunning take on the traditional white wedding cake, watercolor cakes are becoming the next big thing.  Add a splash of color to your cake, with these hand-painted masterpieces.  Dress them up or dress them down, either way they make a stunning addition to any style of wedding.

Watercolor Wedding Cake Watercolor wedding cake in hues of pink, gold and orange, with pink and white florals and a touch of greens. Designed and created for a Bohemian Romance at Sunset Wedding Photoshoot captured by River Wynn Photography of LaGrande Oregon














Photography Credit- River Wynn Photography



Rustic Wedding Cakes

Still going strong as one of the top trending wedding cake themes.  Woodsy birch tree inspired wedding cakes is one of the more popular cakes in this category.

Topsy Turvy Birch Tree Wedding Cake Four Tier topsy Turvy hand painted birch tree wedding cake with embellished topped tier, featuring babies breath and florals in blue, brown, yellow, and pink Birch Tree Wedding Cake 2 Tier hand painted birch tree wedding cake with monogram and white florals

















Geometric Cakes

Perfect for industrial and modern themed weddings.  Non-traditional cake featuring crisp shapes, and fun graphic detail.  Choose bold colors such as black and gold to add a more glamorous look, perfect for the ever popular Great Gatsby theme.


Drip Cakes

Also known as "Dribble Cakes" are perfect for informal weddings. Drip cakes are created in colors to match your special day and  made of drizzling ganache or glaze in almost any flavor atop an iced cake.  These cakes scream fun and look brilliant tiered up. Add flowers, fruit, macaroons and more to fit your style. 


Two Tiered Cakes, Dessert Tables, and Cupcakes

This is a trend becoming more and more popular among couples, perfect for weddings with a large guest count.  Two tiered cakes are sweet & delicate paired with a dessert table , adding the perfect variety for any reception.  Dessert tables can include, cupcakes, smaller single tiered cakes, cookies, cake pops, macaroons all accenting the smaller tiered cake all while providing a sweet treat for all your guests. 


In conclusion no matter what your wedding style, theme and color there is a cake out there to fit everyone, remember there is no rules when it comes to wedding cakes!  We have created a Pinterest board of some of our favorite wedding cake trends, colors and more for 2017 view it here  Our Favorites for 2017



Thanks for reading, stay tuned for exciting blogs to come! 











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