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Bohemian Romance at Sunset Photography by River Wynn Photography

Photo Credit:  River Wynn Photography

When it  comes to wedding cakes the process can be a bit overwhelming.  It seems like the choices are endless.....Buttercream or fondant? Fresh or fake flowers? Round or Square tiers?  To make sure you get the cake of your dreams, and to help make the process seem a little less overwhelming,  I have composed a list of essential questions, helpful tips, as well as info for all of your brides to be!

To start the process I highly suggest tackling a few obstacles before contacting a cake designer. First and foremost set a budget, Pick your date, or an approximate date you want your special day to take place, and compose a rough draft of a guest count , these will be some of the first questions asked by cake professionals!  Next you will want to focus on your big day, set a theme or style for you wedding, pick out some color possibilities, think about if you will want an indoor or outdoor wedding and reception or maybe a mix of both.  There are many great sites out there to help in the planning process, some of the top sites and my personal favorites include Pinterest and Style me Pretty. 

When planning details for you dream wedding cake there are lots of factors to keep in mind.  The first and biggest one being budget, be realistic!  It is very important to discuss budget at the beginning of your discussion and design process. I know every girl dreams of this big elaborate gorgeous cake, how can you not, you see them everywhere, and yes while they are wonderful and every girls dream, ever notice how there is no price tag on them and you only see celeberties with them, there is a reason for that! Number of tiers, cake details, homemade flowers, molded shapes, and some metallic finishes all add significantly to the price of the cake.  To cut down on the cost of the cake consider fresh flowers or even fruit if your going for the ever popular naked cake.  Another thing to keep in mind is the number of guests, the more guests the cake needs to feed the higher the cost.  Three tier cakes typically serve 50-100 people so for a cake to feed 200 guests you would likely need five tiers, there are many ways to cut the costs slightly for higher guests counts.  For instance you could do a smaller two tier cake with cupcakes or smaller single tiered cakes around it to accent the main cake.  If your having a candy bar or dessert bar, you could consider cutting the amount of guests the cake will need to serve in half.  When picking a style match your cake to the overall wedding style you are going for, there are many cakes styles out there to suit every brides dream, just remember your overall style you are going for, if having a rustic outdoor wedding you don't want some big elaborate blingy cake, it will just look out of place.   

Now that you have some details established for your special day it is time to contact your wedding cake professional.  When looking for a cake designer to make your dream cake do some research, check their portfolio and ask for recommendations (word of mouth is usually one of the best resources when finding wedding professionals).  Keep in mind when you do find someone your interested in contacting there will be some key pieces of information they will request, so if your ahead of the game, the process will be much quicker and easier.  They will need to know things like your wedding date, budget for the cake, number of guests, if you have a theme, style and colors in mind, will it be an indoor or outdoor reception, also include any other special details you may be interested in, maybe you have a family recipe you would love to have your cake made from, or are interested in a grooms cake, or if your unsure of theme or specific cake you are wanting ask if they can help you in your search or give you some suggestions based on your likes and thoughts.

After speaking with some different cake professionals its time for the best part, the cake tasting! Most bakeries offer this service, some offer complimentary tastings, while other charge a small fee. Either way its definelty worth it, but don't schedule them all for one day that's a lot of sugar!   Generally most cake professionals offer 4-5 types of cakes and the same for frostings and fillings. Your selections will either come in small cake pieces or as cupcakes.  Here at Sweet Delights we do our cake samples in the form of cupcakes, either put together or separate so you can mix and match. When picking your cake flavors don't feel you need to stick with the traditional wedding cake flavors, feel free to mix it up and explore a little!  More and more couples are going away from the traditional flavors, and choosing each tier to be a different flavor!  In addition to tasting all this yummy cake you will also discuss and go over details for your cake, so come prepared, bring your research from the web, cake pics you love, color swatches, flowers, and other details that inspire you! Also this is a great time to ask if they offer any other special deals when you book with them, for example, When you book your wedding cake with us here at Sweet Delights we offer a complimentary 6" top tier recreation of your cake on your one year anniversary, as well as discounts on bridal shower or bachelorette party items. This is your chance to ask lots of questions and state what your really wanting for your cake.  There will be a lot of information so make sure to take lots of notes! 

Once you have chosen a cake professional that best suits your needs, its time to move forward with the booking process.  Its usually best to book your wedding cake 6 months prior to your wedding date, this secures your date, as wedding slots among bakeries tend to fill up quickly, expecially during the prime wedding season.  If a 6 month time frame is not doable for you, at least 3 months prior to your wedding date is advised.  Each bakery has their own booking process, but in general a deposit is required at time of booking, with the remaining balance due anywhere from 2-4 weeks prior to your date depending on the bakery and their terms.  In addition a cake contract will be done, stating all details of the cake, date and time of reception, time for delivery and set up as well as the fees associated, and any other details that may be associated, generally at the end of the contract the bakery's terms will be stated for you to read over and sign as well. 

Over the months leading up to your special day it is a good idea to keep in contact with your cake professional.  Normally around a month before my clients wedding dates I contact them to go over details of the set up on their big day, see if any changes have been made, and to make sure everything is in place on the day of. No matter the style of cake you choose, make sure it gets the credit it deserves by displaying it properly!  When designating the cake table make, give it a good location that flows well with your reception, decorating to accent the cake and fit with the style.  Choose a cake topper that fits well with your cake and style, there are loads to choose from, from simple traditional style  to bold and glamorous, fresh flowers make a beautiful topper as well!   If your uncertain of how to display or present the cake, speak with your cake professional and they can give you some good advise on display tips! 

In addition remember its your day, the day of your dreams, and you don't have to follow the rules!! 

Bohemian Romance at Sunset photography by River Wynn Photography

Photo Credit:  River Wynn Photography

Are you getting married in 2017? Did you enjoy the information we provided you today?  In our next post we will discuss the wedding cake trends for 2017 hope to see you there!   








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